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When is ILLO open?

Every Saturday from 9-12.

How can I get involved/ help?

  1. Donate clothes or hygiene products!

  • donations can be dropped off during shopping hours 

  • for donations outside of shopping hours, please contact us first

   2. Volunteer!

no volunteers at this time

3. Donate your cans and bottles!

  • Donate your cans to ILLO for its ongoing fundraiser! Cans/bottles can be dropped off at the closet during shopping hours, or contact us for bottle/can pick up.  

    4.Subscribe to our email list!

Subscribe at to be updated on our needs and specific item requests. 

How do I get in contact with ILLO?

Who can shop?

Any resident within Lake Oswego can contact us.

What will each student receive?

Each student that comes to us will receive:

  • 1 personal hygiene bag (shampoo, deodorant, body soap, toothbrush and toothpaste)

  • 5 tops

  • 5 bottoms

  • 1 jacket and/or sweatshirt

  • 5 pairs of socks

  • 5 underwear - We are low

  • 1 pair of shoes - limited sizes

Depending on your specific needs we may be able to accommodate additional items.  

We wish we could fill everyone's closet with more than they need but we have many students to help with limited resources. As we grow, more resources will be available.

How do I make a financial donation?

Please contact us to make a financial donation

Contact us through our website, our email at or our phone number at  503-882-0880.

Created by Jiexi Qiao 

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