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Board members terms are from first day of summer to last day of school.   

HIGH SCHOOL & JH Students 

Here's the scoop...

12 board members

7 High School

7 Jr High School 



*Board member will be assigned 2 schools

*Each month they will contact their assigned schools

Identifying areas to promote ILLO clothing closet to reach the students

(suggestions: flyers, posters, school newspaper, and morning announcements)

*Coordinate and pick up the school (s) lost and found - or arrange a volunteer

*Board Members will be assigned one JR Board member   

*Each Board Member will work with their junior board member to mentor.

*Volunteer 2 hour per week. THIS IS REQUIRED!  1/2 can be done from home

*Attend board meetings  the first Sunday of the month at 7pm. (Most are virtual - times may change.)

 You are required to attend at all board meetings per year

Come Work With Us

Thanks for submitting!

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