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Without you there is no us


New to I Love Lake Oswego (ILLO) - Volunteer Training.  We will offer training 4 times per year.  Volunteers are required to attend a training session before signing up to volunteer.  If you are a parent and would like to volunteer with your student - great, but they will need to attend the training with you.  After training is compete you must commit to volunteering once per month for 3 consecutive months.  It is much easier on our end to have consistent volunteers as our projects are in constant motion.

Clothes Donation

Volunteer Details

Help is always needed.  We have opportunities on Thursdays 3-5:00 and Saturdays 9-12:00. These opportunities are available to volunteers after completing training.  Some of our duties include sorting donations, hanging items, bagging items, organizing areas of the closet, laundry, seasonal area upkeep, cleaning and assisting shoppers (adults).

Helping Hands

Training is available only 4 times per year.  After you complete training you must commit to 1 time per month for the next 3 consecutive months.  You are very important to us, and we can not do this without you .  Thanks you for considering working with our organization.  Next session March 4th 7:30-8:45am

Helping Hands
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